Services ::

Feasibility study ::

Assessment of the terrain potential, potential to construct and build, necessity of urban projecting, condition and possibilities of integration to the common communication network.

Investment projects ::

Preparation of complete complex projects with developments in all their parts:
- architectural
- building structures
- Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning /HVAC/.
- Water Supply and Sewerage /WSS/
- Vertical planning
- Safety and Health Plan
- Fire safety
- Urban development and planting

Urban planning ::

Planning of settlements, quarters, parks, amendments of existing urban and  building regulation plans, as well as communication and transport plans.

Interior and design ::

Conceptual design of space, individual furniture design, selection of materials, colours and light.

3D modeling and visualizations::

Photorealistic images, revealing the volume planning parameters of the building, proportions, lining materials, glazing.

Accounts - quantity and value ::

A detailed analysis of the projects in all their parts, description and valuation of each of the construction works, materials, supplies, labour.

Аrchitectural supervision::

Complete control and consultations during construction works, duly solving of emerged problems, providing of specific working details, selection of lining materials, colours.

Prices ::

The specific price for an individual design is formed according to the type of object, the complexity and volume of the project, as well as the terms within which the job is to be completed. We keep to the set for the region prices. The preliminary consultations are completely free of charge.